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Our Curriculum

Each classroom at Springview Academy is center-based. We feel that this enhances the learning process and allows children to explore their creativity. Our centers consist of music, trucks, blocks, reading, manipulatives, kitchen, art, math, science, and dramatic play. Our children are allowed to rotate throughout these centers during their daily center times. We also believe the children thrive on a schedule and each classroom’s schedule varies depending on age.

Here at Springview Academy we have a “Curriculum Toolbox”. We have implemented a literacy-based curriculum. We believe books are a wonderful way to introduce new ideas. With this curriculum, we have a weekly theme that involves the entire school. Each classroom is then given an age-appropriate book to build their lesson plan. This means that every aspect of your child’s day from circle time to art projects to gross motor activities, etc. will all tie into their book of the week. These activities reinforce the ideas and themes in the book and help them learn without even realizing what they are doing. The children enjoy taking characters and ideas from the book and applying them to their daily routine. For example, if one of our older classes was reading Harold and the Purple Crayon, they may draw their own purple crayon adventures for art, trace or write the letter H for their fine motor activity, and sort and count purple blocks for their math activity.

Each class implements different activities which help the children focus on main areas of development, such as reading, math, art, science, foreign language, baby sign, practical life, fine motor & gross motor activities.

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