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Mount Pleasant

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Parent Handbook

Drop-off & Pick-up

Each child must be brought in and out of the center by a responsible adult. Upon arrival and departure, each parent is mandated to sign their child in and out on the check in computer located in the front hall. Please do not leave children unattended in your car or the parking lot area. Children will only be released to adults authorized by their parents. If someone other than a parent is picking up, the person must be listed on the authorized pick up list in your child’s enrollment paperwork or we must have a signed note from the parent or guardian authorizing someone who is not on the original list. If someone other than a parent is picking up, they must present their photo I.D and check in with the front office.


Any individual coming to visit a child at Springview Academy, whether a relative or a friend of the family, must sign in with the front office. Each visitor must present their photo I.D. and be authorized be the parent to have visitation rights.

Absences & Late Arrivals

If your child is going to be absent from school or going to be arriving later than normal drop off time, please be sure to call the school by 8:30 am and notify someone in the front office.

Meals & Snacks

All snacks and beverages (milk and water) will be provided by Springview Academy. Breakfast and lunch are not provided by Springview Academy. Breakfast brought from home will be served if the children arrive between 6:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Lunches are to be brought in daily. We have refrigerators and microwaves in all of the classrooms to be able to cool and warm foods. We offer an optional hot lunch program. Kids’ meals are brought in from local restaurants daily and are available for purchase. All meals must be purchased in advance. Lunch forms can be found on the desk next to the check in computer.


Springview Academy is a PEANUT FREE school. This means no peanut products are allowed. Please be sure to notify your child’s teacher as well as the director if your child has any known allergies. All allergies whether a food allergy, medication allergy, pet allergy, etc. must be noted on your child enrollment paperwork.


Our main form of communication at the center is via e-mail. All memos, handouts, calendars, lesson plans, newsletters, etc. will be e-mailed to you via the e-mail address you provide. We e-mail often, so please be sure to check your e-mail regularly.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held twice a year. These conferences will be scheduled in advance and are open to any parent that would like to talk with their child’s teacher about his/her growth and development. Conferences may also be made at any time upon request. You will also receive monthly phone calls from the lead teacher in your child’s classroom. This is just a courtesy call to check in and see how everything is going.


By law, we are required to have a copy of your child’s immunization records on file. These immunization records must be on the South Carolina Certificate of Immunizations which is provided by your child’s doctor. Please be sure to update your child’s immunization record at the school each time he/she receives new immunizations.

School Closings

Our center is closed 15 days out of the year. Most of these days fall on major holidays. In the event that Springview Academy needs to close due to inclement weather or unforeseen acts of Mother Nature, there will be a message on our answering machine by 5:30 a.m. You can check this by calling the school’s main number at (843) 873-7100 for Summerville or (843) 216-8682. We will make every effort to remain open; however, when conditions do not permit, we will be forced to close.

Terminating or Changing Your Contract

Any change in your child’s contract requires 30 days written notice. Should you decided to terminate your contract with Springview Academy for any reason, you must provide the director with 30 days written notice. If notice is not given, the fee for thirty days tuition must be paid upon termination.

State & Law Enforcement Regulations

We are mandated by the State of South Carolina and the Department of Children and Youth Services to report neglect and abuse. In addition, we are charged with the safekeeping of each child and must deliver quality care. If the teachers or the Director reasonably believes that a parent, guardian or authorized person is not mentally or physically capable of taking custody of the child and delivering quality care, they will contact proper authorities. If we determine a parent, guardian, or authorized person is not mentally or physically capable of taking custody of the child, we will contact the following persons in the sequence: 1st -Your spouse 2nd-Emergency persons listed on your child’s Authorized Release Form, 3rd – Police Department and Lastly the Department of Social Services.

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